’93 Compounded Mix

19 07 2009

A mix i did of old proto-d&b from 1993, what an awsome year it was!



2 new prints ready to ship

16 07 2009

Finally got two prints ready to sell, Elderfield studios did a cracking job printing them

Joose:   click here for more info


Rapid: click here for more details



9 07 2009

i just finished the raw inks for a new print, i think this is the best thing i have ever drawn, kind of achieves what i have been trying to achieve visually for years, click here for a full view

probably gonna go o.g black and white for this one for the a2 print that will come out of it.


Thorpe Hesley Joggablog

3 06 2009

I bumped into these fellas, we hung out for a bit, they said they were going to put me in thier blog too


Thorpe Hesley is all kinds of awsome in summer

who wouldnt enjoy jogging down this path?

Theres lots of sheep about the place, i freaked a bunch out and one of the babies got his head caught in a gate trying to get away, he was ok though

Thats the stuff, lovely

Little small grassy areas everywhere

Because of my shambolic jogging skills, i tend to run in pretty remote places, thorpe hesley is perfect for this, i just figured out a new route and this time i took my camera with me.


pretty rad field

how to exercise, paint and make blended drinks

29 05 2009

More doodleage

28 05 2009

The sun has made me get the bright colours out, i was test driving an idea for a background for a new half original / half screenprint in the works. decided to test it out on some a4 cartridge paper and draw over the top, turned out better than i expected and didnt actually take me very long at all:


youtube ambient drone fiddling

19 05 2009

came across what is a genius idea by a chap called Dave Regolith.
Its a series of pre recorded ambient drones and tinkerings layed out on several youtube vids embedded in rows, you basically create your own mix of droned out chords and the like, i just got lost in it for a good half hour

check it out here