New screenprint in the works

15 04 2009

This is what i have been working on for the past week or so, vectoring this up was tedious even by my patient standards, click on the image for a bigger view

Pretty happy with this so far, just sorting out getting it printed.


Cutting the umbilical

15 04 2009

Well, kindof.
So, the day has arrived when i have decided to to take off the armbands of a normal job, It will soon be freelance all the way for me. Its scary and exciting at the same time and there is this perma-doubt allways niggling at me asking if its the right thing to do. This perma-doubt though is probably my rational side which i should learn to ignore more often maybe.

I’ll still be doing alot of work for u-xplore where i have creative directed for the past couple of years, just at home in my underpants with the cat sat next to me. The only problem i see with going freelance is the risk of genuinely going mental not seeing many people all day (possibly week).

The important thing is how much time this will free up for me to concentrate on art which i’m excited by.

In anticipation of doing the whole freelance thing i’m remaking my portfolio website so i will have that up very soon.