playing around

17 05 2009

lately i’ve been enjoying just playing around with small a4 sheets of watercolour paper and having egoless sessions just putting paint down and enjoying the process without worrying too much if the end result is good or not. I’m really enjoying myself and figure eventually i will hit on something i want to do large scale on canvas, it also means i’ve got more small pieces knocking around, i might stick them on the etsy shop or something, who knows!


We are flying

24 04 2009

Just finished the artwork for the new Fresh Till Deaf poster and flyer. Its a club night in Sheffield and from what i can make out, largely populated by dubious skinny jean types with white noses, well Mexico.

It feels really wierd doing this style for commercial projects, but this is what freelance is all about i suppose. Pretty happy that my flyer cherry is now popped however, and i can now get back to sorting my website out, its nearly done!