Thorpe Hesley Joggablog

3 06 2009

I bumped into these fellas, we hung out for a bit, they said they were going to put me in thier blog too


Thorpe Hesley is all kinds of awsome in summer

who wouldnt enjoy jogging down this path?

Theres lots of sheep about the place, i freaked a bunch out and one of the babies got his head caught in a gate trying to get away, he was ok though

Thats the stuff, lovely

Little small grassy areas everywhere

Because of my shambolic jogging skills, i tend to run in pretty remote places, thorpe hesley is perfect for this, i just figured out a new route and this time i took my camera with me.


pretty rad field


More doodleage

28 05 2009

The sun has made me get the bright colours out, i was test driving an idea for a background for a new half original / half screenprint in the works. decided to test it out on some a4 cartridge paper and draw over the top, turned out better than i expected and didnt actually take me very long at all: